Teachers Want to Ban Wi-Fi in the Classroom

In Kingston Ontario, two teachers unions want to have Wi-Fi turned off because they believe the signals post a health risk. Ashely Csanady writes in the National Post: “We’re concerned because Wi-Fi and microwave communications have not been determined to be safe, and we’ve never received any training about the hazards such as all the … Read more

Don’t Have Wi-Fi? Borrow It From the Public Library

Internet access can make a big difference in peoples’ lives. It’s not just about Facebook; according to Toronto Chief Librarian Vickery Bowles, quoted in the Star, “People who lack broadband Internet access at home, they’re really at a disadvantage when it comes to employment, looking for a job or access to government services and education.” … Read more

Hyatt Hotels to Offer Free Wi-Fi Access in All of the Guest Rooms and Lobbies of Its Worldwide Locations

The Hyatt Hotels chain has announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi access in all of its guest rooms and lobbies across the world beginning in February 2015. The service will be made available free of charge to all guests, while elite members of the Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program will be upgraded to premium service, … Read more