8 Smart Devices For The Kitchen Of The Future

The Internet of Things is building the kitchen of the future. Everything from an app to turn on your coffee maker to a pan that monitors heat on your iPhone to cook the perfect steak is so close we can (almost literally) taste it. Here are some of the top tech gadgets making their way to our cookery in the near future.

1. Palate Home Smart Grill


This is not your average George Foreman grill. The Palate Smart Grill from Palate Home can cook almost any food perfectly based on weight, composition, and desired done-ness, all controlled through an iPad app.

2. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan


Temperature control and perfect timing in a pan. This gadget lets you check the exact temperature inside your salmon, steak or whatever else you’ve got sizzling and let’s you know when it is ready without having to stick a fork in it. The Pantelligent app for iPhone monitors the cooking and lets you know the ideal time when the food is done.

3. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale


This one aims to be an easy-to-use kitchen baking scale that guides you through select recipes connected to an iPad app. You pick out which recipe you want on the app and then place a bowl on the bluetooth connected scale, drop in each ingredient until the app says you have added enough into the bowl and follow along with the instructions to make the perfect cake, cookies or whatever else you desire.

4. LivBlends Smoothie Maker


Y Combinator team LivBlends is mainly into juice delivery in the Bay Area for now, but it’s in the middle of cooking up a Keurig-like smoothie maker that could put your old JuiceMan to shame. The picture above is a prototype of what it will look like.

5. Prep Pad from the Orange Chef


Prep Pad tallies up nutritional info from the foods added to any bowl on its connected food scale. The information is then transferred to an iPad app so you know exactly how many carb, fat and protein calories are in your food. It then gives you an overview of every ingredient you put on Prep Pad throughout your week and logs that with your connected Jawbone Up to help you meet your health goals.

6. HAPIfork


The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits for weight loss. It measures how long it took you to eat, the amount of fork servings and the time in between servings. It then uploads that info to an app via USB or Bluetooth to show you what you are doing.

7. Siemens Connected Coffee Maker


Siemens is not in the business of making kitchen gadgets. It is creating the makeup of the actual kitchen infrastructure itself. It has a slew of appliances that are connected to a single app. This coffee maker is a part of that. Push a button on your phone beside your bed and you’ve got your morning espresso ready to go.

8. LG’s Smart Oven


This connected kitchen appliance allows you to control cooking remotely from your smartphone. Click on the LG Smart Access Range app to set it and forget it. It also lets you send recipes to your range.