Apple Is Expected to Sell 13-15 Million iPhones This Weekend

With access to the world’s largest database on the foot traffic of people around the globe, Foursquare estimates that Apple will sell 13-to-15 million iPhones this weekend, thanks in large to the release of its new iPhone 6s. Up from the 10 million devices the tech giant sold last year during the launch of its iPhone 6, Foursquare has looked at typical foot traffic around Apple stores for the past three years, discovering trends linking in-store visitors to overall sales. The company predicts “launch day foot traffic will be about 360% of a typical Friday. This likely means that Apple will sell 13–15 million iPhones this weekend, surpassing all previous records.”

Foursquare leaves a disclaimer however, stating this is the first time it has used its data to predict sales. So stay tuned to see how close it came.

For more information on how Foursquare arrived at this figure, head over to

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