Apple Pay To Soon Be Accepted At Starbucks Corporation, KFC, And Chili’s

Apple Inc. expected to launch its Apple Pay service in Starbucks, KFC, and Chili’s – Apple Pay Vice President, Jennifer Bailey, let out in an Re/Code interview. Very soon customers at these restaurants will just be able to pay through their iPhones and smartwatches, without needing to take their wallets or credit cards out.

Though the proper date has not been confirmed by the Cupertino giant, expectations are that the service will start in by 2016 for all three food brands. Although many Starbucks franchises outside of the US offer tap-to-pay facility, including Apple Pay, Miss Bailey pointed out that the service would be the first in US-based shops and by 2016, Apple intends to deliver the facility in over 7,500 franchises.

The move is targeted towards its similar counterparts, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, both of which have been launched very recently. It’s been almost a month since Android Pay kicked off, while just 10 days ago, Samsung Pay started off in the US. Apple of course intends to make a mark in this new NFC-based industry, by aiming to intimidate its rivals with this move. With Apple Pay successfully integrated into these businesses, it will instantly be able to reach a massive base of users who visit thousands of their stores every day.

Apple Pay service is now being offered in over a million stores and franchises, including Best Buy, which is the latest to get on Apple Pay’s train. Even Starbucks has offered a mobile payment service some time ago, in which users can gain loyalty reward points and even get access to music playlists on Spotify. It remains unclear whether Apple Pay users will also get reward points, but for now it seems unlikely.

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