We all have something we wish we could take back—which is one of the major drawbacks of social media, since every single mistake you make is recorded for posterity.

Thankfully, the benevolent Facebook gods provide a lifeline for those of us who aren’t so proud of what we’ve done in the past (at times). Everybody knows the Activity log is there, but hardly anyone knows how to use it your advantage. All you have to do is tap into deepest, darkest recesses of your Log; after it erases all evidence of your reaction to the Great Breakup of 2010, it’ll become your best buddy.

Accessing your Activity Log is simple: on a desktop browser, use your cursor to select to the top right drop down menu as seen above. On the Facebook mobile app, direct your attentions to the bottom of the screen and the “More” menu, furthest to the right. Scroll down to Settings, and your Activity Log is the second selection.

Just look at it: every single thing you’ve ever done on the ‘Book, right at your fingertips. You can search through different types of activity on the left hand side of the page on your browser, or use the “Filter” option on the app.

As shown above, you can choose to change the audience of your posts with the globe icon…

… or you can take them off your Timeline entirely. But let’s be real: what you really want to do is hit that bottom button and delete that embarrassing late night post from ever re-emerging to haunt you.

With the Activity Log, the only way anyone will be able to hold any of your old Facebook mistakes over you is if some devious frenemy taken some screenshots. In that case, good luck–you’re gonna need it.