The 20 Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Now that you’ve found a sleek charger for that shiny new Apple Watch, it’s time to bulk it up with some apps to start putting it into use. With the profusion of apps currently available, selecting the ones which suit your lifestyle best and successfully live up to the potential of the watch may be something of a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a varied list of 20 apps that take full advantage of the unique opportunities the timepiece has to offer. From DJing, to cab-hailing, to checking flight itineraries, you’ll be sure to discover an app pertinent to your personal interests and enhance the way you incorporate the gadget into your lifestyle.


Dying to know the name of that awesome tune you heard while sitting at your favorite cafe? Well there’s no need to pester your barista, because with Shazam for Apple Watch, a simple tap on the app icon prompts your iPhone to listen to what’s playing and display the name of the song, artist and lyrics right on your watch.

Breaking your Instagram habit just became even more difficult as Apple Watch’s iteration compiles the best features of the app – feed browsing, liking photos, notifications, emoji comments – to help keep you updated right on your wrist.

Trivia Crack
Animated characters act as a guide as you compete against opponents by answering millions of crowd-sourced questions from all around the world in this highly addictive gaming app. The Apple Watch version allows you to play all your turns directly from the watch without ever having to touch your iPhone.

This DJ app connects with Pacemaker on your iPad and acts as a remote for it’s Autopilot feature, letting you skip songs in a queue and mix the tracks of your choosing so that everything blends together seamlessly.

Fans of the 1980s TV series Knight Rider will be smitten with nostalgia over the KITT voice box app. Named after the show’s artificially intelligent supercar, the app contains voice recognition capabilities which allows you to command KITT to a whole range of functionalities.


Expedia for Apple Watch allows you to check itineraries for upcoming trips and get detailed flight and hotel information, ensuring that your traveling experience remains smooth and stress-free.

Getting lost in translation is a common scenario when traveling abroad. While it’s no Rosetta Stone, Babbel provides standard conversational terms relative to your location. Want to order your steak well-done at that posh French bistro? “Un steak bien cuit s’il vous plaît.”

The fast, easy and practical cab-hailing app just got faster, easier and more practical on your Apple Watch. With Uber, you’re just a few taps away from summoning a car to pick you up, all without ever having to visit an ATM.

From tourist traps, to hidden gems, to local happenings, TripAdvisor serves as an ideal travel companion by letting you unearth a myriad of things to do when discovering a new town or city.

Why risk getting caught in a sudden torrential downpour without an umbrella? WeatherPro provides detailed and up-to-date weather information with unrivaled accuracy so that you don’t have to gamble with whatever curveballs mother nature may throw at you.


Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen has all you need to help kickstart your pursuit of a more nutritious lifestyle. Featuring dozens of healthy and organic recipes, the app also acts as a timer when needed.

OpenTable reminds diners of upcoming reservations, shows them how to get there and keeps them on time with a sleek countdown interface.

Portion control and healthy food recommendations are just a few perks offered via Lifesum. The app monitors how much food and water you’ve had during the day and offers inspirational reminders to keep you motivated.

Browse restaurants, bars, coffee joints and new destinations right in your area. If a listing catches your eye, you can tap to get more details – such as customer reviews and walking/driving directions.

The Apple Watch extension acts as an “intelligent kitchen timer,” prompting you when to flip or stop cooking various foods.


Nike+ Running
The Nike+ Running app displays your distance, duration and pace right onto your Apple Watch. Pair with some Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to music wirelessly during your workout.

7 Minute Workout
Think you don’t have time to workout? This app includes 12 different exercises, each only 30 seconds long, and times each set along with a 10-second rest period. Try finding a different excuse.

Misfit lets you choose your workout length and gives you a total body workout that combines body weight exercises and high intensity circuit training.

WebMd’s watch app creates a log that helps people keep track of their respective medication regimens by monitoring and notifying them whenever they have or haven’t taken their meds.

Using GPS technology, Runtastic monitors your sport and fitness details (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned, etc) to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals