Thoughts All Smartphone Addicts Have When Their Phone Dies

We’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced at least one of these thoughts…

1. Do you think the waitress has an iPhone 5 charger?

2. What if someone’s emailing me about a job right now?

3. If someone calls me about a job right now but doesn’t leave a message because they think I’m not interested and then I won’t even see the missed call because my phone’s off and then I’ll never be employed again.

4. How would they reach me if someone in my family had an emergency and I needed to go home right away?

5. Seriously, why don’t I give my parents my roommates’ numbers? I take back everything I’ve ever said about invasion of privacy.

6. If I was posting a status when my phone shut off, did the post make it to Facebook, or is it hanging in the space-time continuum?

7. Would it be really rude of me to ask the waitress for a charger and then see if I can switch tables to be closer to an outlet? Is that overkill?

8. How did people survive without cell phones? What did they do in case of emergency?

9. I was totally supposed to text the girl I just met about details for tomorrow night and now I can’t and she’s going to think I hate her.

10. I really need to buy a portable charger.

11. None of this would be happening right now if I had my old flip phone.

12. Okay, I admit it. I really want to know how many likes my Instagram post has.

13. What if something happens when I’m driving home and I can’t call AAA?

14. What if something happens when I’m walking from my car to the house and I can’t call 911?

15. Why haven’t I synced my phone up to my computer yet? That would save me so much grief.

16. I’m very aware of my thumbs right now…. What do I do with them when they’re not typing on my keyboard?

17. My (boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate/grandmother) is probably wondering where I am. I was supposed to let them know what time I would be home and now I can’t do that.

18. How am I going to drive home without my navigation app?

19. How am I going to take the subway home without the app that tells me which line to take? Do they still print metro maps?

20. I’m already dreading the 4 minutes I’ll have to wait while my phone powers on when I get home.

21. My boss is probably texting me right now asking for that document I was supposed to send her 3 hours ago. She’s probably pissed by now. Maybe I’m already fired.

22. I just thought of a great tweet but I can’t tweet it because I can’t turn on my phone. And I can’t even write it down on my notes app. I really need to start carrying a Composition notebook.

23. I should have a general idea of where the pay phones are in this city in case of emergency.

24. If I were taken right now, would my dad pull a Liam Neeson and come rescue me?

25. I know there’s something I’m supposed to do something right now but I don’t know what it is because I set a reminder on my phone.

26. Tomorrow I’m going to buy a datebook and start becoming less dependent on technology.