Your June Horoscope, Revealed

Summon those soul twins! This June is Gemini time, with the sun and high-octane Mars traveling side-by-side like Castor and Pollux until the 21st. This would be an awesome time to form a dynamic duo, but for one hitch. Mercury is in a signal-scrambling retrograde until the 11th. Try to hold off on sealing any deals until then. If you must formalize an agreement, peruse the fine print with a microscope. Or, hey, maybe you have a summer wedding planned. Stay flexible and be ready to improvise in case the schedule gets thrown off or the microphone stops working during your speech. With the sun moving into Cancer on the 21st — the summer solstice — we’ll all crave cozy time with our nearest and dearest. Bring on the family reunions!

Celebrate good times, come on! With the sun and sexy Mars rolling together through Gemini until the 21st, you are in your social butterfly element. Stay true to your gypsy soul. Flutter from scene to scene without staying in any one place for too long. You’ll discover what lights you up that way — and surprise! It’s beyond what you previously imagined. Develop the independent interests that already have you hooked, too. You could make major headway on a solo project. Promote to the public with your new moon in Gemini on the 16th. Plus, Mercury is retrograde until the 11th, which could scramble signals early in the month. On the 2nd, the full moon helps you lock down long-term partnerships. A hotly anticipated contract could finally come in. Signing is never ideal during Mercury retrograde, but if you must put down some ink before the 11th, have a lawyer review the fine print. Want to add an exclusivity clause to a romantic relationship? Stop playing coy, Gemini, or a potential soulmate could be permanently shuffled into the “missed connections” category. With Venus moving through your flirty third house from the 5th on, single Geminis will not be bereft of options. Tinder awaits your right-swipes, but strike up IRL conversations, too. With a cosmic lineup like June’s, the subway platform could be the setting for true romance. Don’t drift too far from your desk or the gym; structure junkie Saturn retreats into your work and health zone from June 14 to September 17. Your diligence pays off at work, but you may have a few more dues to pay. Upgrade your medical care. If you need any treatments or surgery, work only with the best.

If it’s done and dusted, Cancer, then please let it go. You’re a sentimental soul, but with the motivating sun and Mars both in your 12th house of healing and transitions until the 21st, nothing good can come from grasping onto the past. It’s fine to be emotional; in fact, you might want to turn the process into a release ritual. Light candles, play music, and thank each object before you pack it off for an eBay shipment or Goodwill drop-off. If you have a safe place to light a fire, there might be a few things to burn ceremonially, too, like a letter to a frenemy or your ex’s Flaming Lips tee. As you say farewell to the past, you’re clearing a space for better options to flow in. What’s next? That is the question. A powerful mentor could appear with the new moon on the 16th. Your birthday time begins on June 21 when the sun heads into Cancer for four weeks. Hello, total life refresh. It will be far easier to move on then — and even more so when go-getter Mars moves into Cancer from June 24 to August 8. The red planet only visits your sign every other year, so you don’t want to miss this high-octane blast. Focus on your solo missions instead of taking care of everyone around you. Your crew might not be ready to go on this ride. But, if you fearlessly pave the way, they’ll hop on your mothership in due time. Are your fingers a little sore from right swiping? With stable Saturn retreating through your romance house from June 14 to September 17, curate more cautiously. Hold out for someone who could actually fit with the future you have planned for yourself.

Rather than ascending as the solo queen, your strategy for success should be all about teamwork this June. Let go of a little control and…surprise! Other people’s ideas will be music to your ears. With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, consider recruiting some old reliables from your past for a collab. But, don’t just gravitate to those familiar faces out of habit. New and fascinating people are everywhere you turn this month. Get out and explore some untapped scenes. The new moon on the 16th could connect you to your soul tribe. This is also a good time to update your online presence. Pose for a photo shoot, record videos for your YouTube channel, or revamp your OkCupid profile. The second half of June could bring some profitable ideas for an app or online venture. Is Cupid in the house? Yep. June’s romantic forecast is so bright, it’s blinding. Love planet Venus will tour Leo from June 5 until July 18, making you ultramagnetic. Don’t rush to give away a final rose, though. With all the attention that comes when you host Venus, you’ll have plenty of options to explore. The full moon on the 2nd will also amp up your mojo — and could bring a new love, engagement, or even a pregnancy. Coupled Leos will require a longer leash. Just know where to draw the line, so you don’t make a mistake that can’t be undone. Home and family could feel a bit heavy as Saturn trudges through your domestic sector from June 14 to September 17. A relative may need extra support, but careful not to exhaust yourself trying to be the hero.

Power lunch at the rooftop bistro? Deal-signing over champagne? You’re killing it in the career department this June, as the sun and motivator Mars team up in your ambitious 10th house. But, your World Domination Tour won’t happen if you’re sitting around in cutoffs watching Netflix. Fortune favors the bold, Virgo. It’s up to you to take the initiative with your professional ascent. With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, reach out to successful people from your past. They may be willing to give you a tug up the ladder. Don’t know anyone in that category? Be proactive and go trade business cards at industry events. Volunteering, apprentice-style, is a great way to get your espadrille in the door and get an insider’s view of how the pros do it. A promotion or job offer could come with the new moon on the 16th, along with a helpful mentor. In love, you’ll rock the rose-colored glasses thanks to Venus touring your 12th house of fantasy from June 5 on. While it’s fun to be THAT excited about someone (and rare for a Virgo), don’t screen out the trouble spots. Everyone has a past, but make sure that drama doesn’t bleed into your future. Some Virgos may be in “breakover” mode, recovering from a split and slowly preparing to move on. If you’re in a relationship, brace yourself, as there could be some heavy issues to parse through. Rigid Saturn slips back into your friendship sector from June 14 to September 17. Create healthier boundaries with BFFs, siblings, and roommates to avoid meltdowns. You may also be on the hunt for more mature friends who can roll with your current set of interests.

Set your preferences to “free range” this June. With the sun and fearless Mars conjoined in your globetrotting ninth house until the 21st, the world is absolutely your oyster. Invest in a backpack: From music festivals to cross-continental couch-surfing, you’re happy to travel gypsy-style for a change. A word to the wise: Try to leave AFTER the 11th, since Mercury will be retrograde until then. Already booked beforehand? Triple-confirm your reservations to avoid a Mercury mixup when you arrive. The new moon on the 16th could bring a long-distance opportunity — one that might just have you checking out apartments in a foreign postal code. Looking for a road dog to accompany you on your journeys? The full moon on the 2nd shines a light on a kindred spirit whose thirst for new experiences can match your own. In love, you’ll feel more buoyant from the 5th on as if nothing can really bring you down. That levity makes you quite irresistible, so enjoy the bountiful attention that comes your way. A casual hangout with friends could lead to a love connection. You’ll have a high “click-through rate” with digital dating in June, too. Keep a tight reign on your spending, though. Stern Saturn retreats into Scorpio and your money zone from June 14 to September 17. You’ve learned some golden (and sometimes harsh) lessons about finances over the past couple years, but there is still farther to go. Budget carefully and put a savvier savings plan in place, so you’re covered when the bills come in.

Hello, you sexy thing. You’re in your Scorpionic element this June as the sun and passionate Mars unite in your erotic eighth house until the 21st. While you’ll attract more than your fair share of admirers, you can’t be bothered with people who dwell in the shallow end of the pool. Depth, intensity, and intelligent humor are what you crave. Don’t settle for less! You could meet someone who fits the criteria near the new moon on the 16th. Keep your guard up until the 11th while Mercury is retrograde, though: A toxic ex could slip back into your life. Don’t even kid yourself, Scorpio, thinking that you can “work on a friendship.” The obsession can kick right back into gear as if no time has passed. When a message comes in, hit delete instead of reply and spare yourself the pain. Charming Venus is in your career house from the 5th on, making socializing essential to your success. Send a thank-you card after a great meeting. Taskmaster Saturn retreats into Scorpio from June 14 to September 17, putting you through a three-month strength test. You housed the cosmic disciplinarian in your sign from October 6, 2012 until December 23, 2014. During that time, your life went through some major changes. Challenges forced you to upgrade and quite possibly shifted the entire landscape of your life. But, you are much stronger now; there are just a few finishing touches to put on Scorpio 2.0. As annoying as it may be to have to pay those dues, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Stay focused! Saturn won’t return to your sign until 2031, so you’re laying a solid foundation for the next 28 years.

Ask, believe, and receive. June begins on a bold, bright note with a full moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd. A wish could manifest beautifully, setting you off on a brand new path. Your individuality will be spotlighted, too. Like Archers Janelle Monae and Miley, let your authentic self shine and watch your fan base grow. There will be plenty of opportunity to partner up, too, especially since the sun and go-getter Mars are linked up in your relationship house until June 21. Romantically, your preferences could run the gamut, since Venus will be in your global ninth house in June. Keep your ears perked for sexy accents and make a point of checking out the cuties from cultures different than your own. In a relationship? Traveling with your honey can bring back the sparks. Just wait until Mercury retrograde ends on the 11th to take this voyage. Speaking of Mercury retro, your “open mouth, insert espadrille” issue could really rage out of control in the first third of June. Watch where you swing that truth hammer, or you could crush the wrong person’s ego and wind up with bad blood. Sexytime intensifies on the 21st, when the sun slinks into your erotic eighth house for a month. Your arrows will all point at one special target and, for a change, you’re playing for keeps. This solar-powered spell, which lasts until July 22, can also bring money from a property sale, commission check, or other non-traditional (read: anything but the 9-to-5) income source. Clean house while Saturn retreats from your sign and back into Scorpio from June 14 to September 17. There’s one last round of decluttering and healing to do, which could make for a more soulful, serene summer than you expected to have.

Green is your new black this June — as in kale smoothies, a lowered carbon footprint, and fat stacks of cash. With planets moving through your sixth house of healthy habits, get life running like a well-oiled machine. This may require some clean-up. Check out Japanese efficiency wizard Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up ( for a no-fail system for whipping your home and office into order. Give your body some love, too. With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, you could slip into some bad habits — like forgetting that margaritas are not a food group and that Cool Ranch is not an herb. As soon as you catch yourself, replace these indulgences with fresh, whole foods that actually energize your body. The new moon on the 16th could bring word of a job offer. If you need to upgrade your health insurance or find a doctor you actually like, this new moon is optimal. Consider it all preventative medicine, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, heads back into your 11th house of teamwork from June 14 to September 17, reminding you that you’re judged by the company that you keep. Shake up your social network to make sure there’s a proper balance of way-showers and people who remind you to let loose and enjoy yourself. A collaborative project — possibly even a tech-based one like an app or online store — could turn into a profitable venture if you use Saturn’s elbow grease and planning powers to set the wheels in motion.

The muse is calling, Aquarius, so listen up! A posse of planets converges in your fifth house of creativity, fame, and romance this June. You bubble over with inspiration — and when you’re lit up like that, who can resist you? (No one.) Drink in the attention that comes your way. But, while you may feel ready for your big reveal as June begins, wait until Mercury ends its retrograde on the 11th to step out like a Hadid sister on a Fashion Week runway. Mercury’s backspin — which began on May 18 — could find you grappling with love issues, too. An ex could show up, disrupting the steady groove you were in with someone else. Or, you could lock horns with your partner over an issue you thought you had resolved. Try to keep drama to a minimum here. The #addictedtolove issue is best averted by avoiding the first text, Snapchat, hangout, etc. with someone who reliably turns you into an obsessed she-wolf. On the 16th, the new moon in Gemini brings a romantic refresh. You could bury the hatchet with your boo; or, if single, you could meet someone who has serious soulmate potential. Venus will help matters as she cruises through your commitment zone from the 5th on. Relationships must come with well-defined parameters now — otherwise, there could be trouble in paradise. The new moon on the 16th is also a killer date for debuting your creative work or a new style. (Purple, side-swept pixie, perhaps?) Just make sure this look is somewhat office-appropriate, since stern Saturn slips back into your career house from June 14 to September 17, demanding that you stay on your A Game. A career path that has been steadily emerging since October 2012 could become crystal-clear now. If there are steps left to take, like signing up for a certification program or enrolling in school, get on the ball.

The sun and energizer Mars roll together through your feminine fourth house until the 21st, making your relationships with women lively and engaging. Yes, there could be some drama, too — especially if a strong personality is running unchecked in your entourage. Grit your teeth; then, have a heart-to-heart when Mercury is out of retrograde mode on the 11th. Light the tiki torches and fire up the grill! Chateau Pisces is where all the action’s at this June — you’ll love playing hostess. Slip off for some weekend trips, too. Career triumphs come with the full moon on the 2nd, the result of six months of hard work. If a leadership position is offered, don’t shy away. You’ve got this, Pisces, even if there is still a learning curve before you. The workout bug bites on the 5th when beautifying Venus decamps to your healthy-living zone. Taking stellar care of your body will restore your lit-from-within glow. That means adequate sleep and food that fuels you — like these energizing a.m. smoothies. Keep those earbuds cranked to a respectable volume while you’re doing your bicep curls, because Cupid may come a-calling in the free weights room or while you’re jogging the trails. On the 21st, the sun heads into your fifth house of fame and romance for a month. You’ll want to be ready for your close-up in every way.

Who is the Ilana to your Abbi — that fun-loving friend who can bust you out of a rut while unflinchingly watching your back? With planets piling up in your house of amigas, June is sure to deliver a BFF or a whole fleet of kindred spirits. One could even return from the past while Mercury is retrograde until the 11th. And, a fresh candidate will emerge with the new moon on the 16th. While you like to keep a tight-knit inner circle, there’s no reason you can’t have a thousand acquaintances. Socialize often this June. As you become a regular face on the scene, interesting people will start approaching you. Venus, the planet of love, parks in your romance house from June 5 on, and you won’t be shy about initiating. Dress up often and take more dares when it comes to expressing your feelings. Coupled Aries could even wind up ring-shopping or baby-making while Venus is in this lovestruck position until July 18. Girl crushes abound when the sun heads into Cancer for a month on June 21. Seek like-minded women who share your ambitious groove. Collaborating could lead to a profitable and successful sister act before the summer is through. This is also a nesting period, so get Chateau Aries up to code (possibly even for some rental income) or look for a lease in a neighborhood that is more your scene.